Optional extra plane rail available to use with the Perfectstroke in basic or standard set up


I use the Perfectstroke in combination with the SAM PuttLab system to better understand the interaction between the multiple factors involved in a successful putting stroke. Using the Perfectstroke you have a slightly arced "natural" stroke and a smooth rotation of the club face through impact.

 Dr. Christian Marquardt
Chief Scientist and Founder Science & Motion Sports, SAM Puttlab, Germany

Perfectstroke Putting Aid

Myelin production is essential in developing or refining any skill and using the Perfectstroke Putting Aid to do deliberate practice on your golf putting stroke will help improve aim and ingrain a much better stroke.

The Perfectstroke Putting Aid is the only on plane training aid that is fully adjustable for whatever lie angle or set up position a player chooses. The alignment strip that is set above the ball is adjustable through a large range as well so someone that has an upright putter lie angle or heel off the ground at address can be catered to the same as someone with a flat lie angle or low hands.

Two bar alignment strip positioned over the ball and target line

Set up in basic mode which is ideal for distance control and tempo

               The Perfectstroke golf putting training aid is arguably the best golf putting aid available.    
Since its release in the US at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2005 it has been consistently recognised at

subsequent shows as the leading putting training aid designed to produced an on plane, slightly arcing stroke.

With a golfer in a correct set up position it is also the most effective aid to help develop consistently square

face on path. It has two specially designed alignment strips which position over the target line and over the

ball which provides for extremely accurate face alignment at address.                                          

                                 Use of the Perfectstroke Putting Aid will make you a great putter!

Myelin vital for learning new practical skills

New evidence of myelin’s essential role in learning and retaining new practical skills, such as playing a musical instrument, has been uncovered by UCL research. Myelin is a fatty substance that insulates the brain's wiring and is a major constituent of ‘white matter’.        It is produced by the brain and spinal cord into early adulthood as it is needed for many developmental processes, and although earlier studies of human white matter hinted at its involvement in skill learning, this is the first time it has been confirmed experimentally.

London's Global University

I have seen and used many of the so called best putting training aids in the world including ones that are endorsed by top ranked players and coaches. The Perfectstroke aid is by far the best training and teaching aid available today.

Michael Mosher

PGA Member and Director Teed Up Tours


We also offer an optional extra of another plane rail which can be attached to the base bracket. This provides either a plane space where the shaft travels through the gap between each rail or the shaft either has contact with the inner side of the upper rail or the outer side of the lower rail. In the basic set up as seen in the image below the gap is very small so there is a great challenge in making a stroke without making contact with the plane rails. In the standard set up with two plane rails the gap is larger but a player also gets the benefit of using the aim strip for accurate face alignment. As you can see in the video below where SAM Puttlab is being used to measure the stroke in training mode the tolerance is very low in no contact mode and the stroke path direction score rates very highly when performed correctly.      The face on path numbers score very highly when the stroke is on plane and rotational consistency is improved.

The extra plane rail can be purchased on request and comes with extra alignment strip and fitting for putter stand in device.

Single space alignment strip only available when buying Extra version

Optional set up without plane rail utilising aiming device and shoulder alignment in base

Perfectstroke Putting Aid

Deliberate practice is essential for learning or refining a skill and using the right training equipment such as the Perfectstroke Putting Aid will help in myelinating your putting stroke! The golf putting training aids and golf putting instruction on this website will help you become a better putter.

I have recently started using a Perfectstroke Putting Aid in my teaching and I have found it a huge help in helping my students to understand and improve their stroke path and clubface control. I can use it in conjunction with a SAM Puttlab system and no question it is the best putting training aid you can buy.
Scott Munroe
US Top 100 Instructor


Perfectstroke GOLF Putting TRAINING Aid